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If changing energy standards has caught you off guard, you’re not alone. Stricter regulations and the transition toward renewables mean we need to completely reimagine how we use energy. The transforming face of energy use requires a team with the functional expertise to solve complex energy system issues.

With an average of 15 years of experience, our consultants are well-equipped to help you meet operational, financial, and sustainability requirements.

We take pride in finding the solutions commercial facilities need to be successful today, tomorrow, and well into the future—and it all starts with energy consulting.

What is Energy Consulting?

Energy consulting is the process of investigating and identifying a building’s energy systems and developing a data-driven plan to improve occupant comfort and energy savings. Consultants work closely with clients during every stage of a project.

In short, energy consultants take the lead in optimizing energy use. In practice, it isn’t so simple.

For example, a school has far different operational requirements and energy systems than a corporate campus. Each one provides unique challenges and demands creative solutions.

That’s why we’ve worked to make energy consulting our core strength.

From start to finish, our consultants focus on providing sustainability measures that work for your needs.

Our Approach to Energy Consulting

Our team of cross-disciplinary engineers will start by analyzing your facility to identify capital and non-capital measures that can be incorporated in the near and long term. Throughout the initial consulting process, we’ll use every tool available to develop an accurate, effective strategy for your facilities…

Energy Auditing
Measurement and Verification (M&V)
Energy Analysis of Facility Systems
Whole-Building Energy Modeling

We utilize these tools in context with modern energy compliance and sustainability regulations in your area.

Customizing our consultancy to your facility’s needs is crucial—and we do our utmost to balance energy savings while simultaneously addressing comfort, operations, maintenance, economical guidelines, and space utilization requirements.

Our goal is to strike a balance between addressing the specifics of your energy systems with the bigger picture, to create a well-rounded energy strategy.

How Can Energy Consulting Make an Impact?

Whether you’re seeking energy optimization for commercial, industrial, or institutional buildings, energy consulting is the crucial first step. Given the uncertain future of energy use, getting in-depth advice on your energy systems is key. From testing air, water, and light quality and engineering smarter energy systems,      to measuring facility emissions and environmental compliance—the right consultant can do it all.

Improve water efficiency

Water Consulting

We always incorporate water efficiency measures as a part of our evaluation process. For cities and districts that operate water systems, opportunities exist for water system management improvements that have been shown to save significant amounts of water and money through efficiency, meter accuracy, usage reductions, and leak detection.

And that’s only one opportunity to improve efficiency within a multitude of energy systems; imagine what efficiency can look like when multiple systems are properly engineered and optimized.

Transform Your Business, Sustainably

Sustainability Consulting

At Iconergy, much of what we do is about helping companies of all sizes and industries to embrace sustainability in their business practices, reduce their carbon footprint, and make their workspaces more efficient.

There is no shortage of strategies we can employ to reach those objectives—and our team is here to help you develop a custom strategy for your needs. 

In short, our experienced sustainability consultants will identify opportunities to reduce waste, improve efficiency, and minimize your facility’s environmental impact.

In addition to achieving building certifications (LEED, Green Globe, etc.) and keeping up with energy regulations, sustainability consulting provides a flexible, holistic option for business owners looking to optimize all aspects of their business operations.

Iconergy Consulting Case Studies

Iconergy is a collective of experienced energy engineers and design professionals driven by a shared commitment to excellence in program and project management. Our focus goes beyond technical skills and delivery, ensuring happy clients and exceptional outcomes every step of the way.

Denver Waldorf School

Iconergy played a significant role in paving the way for future facility upgrades by offering multiple retrofit options for various systems. Iconergy also provided comprehensive information on factors such as energy and water usage, indoor air quality, greenhouse gas impact (Scopes 1, 2, and 3), durability, and overall life cycle costs. After conducting a sustainability assessment, Iconergy conducted an ASHRAE Level II Energy Audit, which provided detailed quantitative data on DWS’s most important retrofit priorities.

Comprehensive Energy Efficiency Consulting with Iconergy

As a fuel and technology-neutral company, we take pride in guiding our clients toward the next generation of energy solutions. Our consultants are committed to staying ahead of the curve—and we aim to help your team do the same.

That starts with making sustainability and energy engineering easy to understand. So, by the time our work is done, you’ll be equipped to further sustainability at your facilities well into the future.

Cost-savings, building comfort, and cleaner, greener energy standards are just the beginning. See what smarter, sustainable energy use can look like in your building with energy consulting services from Iconergy.

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