Lessen your carbon footprint with Iconergy’s holistic approach

Decarbonization offers nearly unparalleled benefits

There’s no denying fossil fuels have benefited us over the years—they’re still broadly used to heat and cool our homes, keep the lights on in our cities, and fuel our vehicles. As you’re probably well aware, fossil fuels continue to do severe damage to our planet. “They’re a major contributor to the environmental challenges we face today.”

On the other hand, renewable energy sources are becoming cheaper and easier to utilize, and it’s time to make the switch. Local, state, and federal authorities have seen the writing on the wall, and commercial businesses will be expected to lead the charge into a cleaner, greener future. 

Chances are, you’re feeling the pressure of tightening energy regulations and standards, but don’t worry just yet! Iconergy’s Decarbonization services are designed specifically to help you transition toward renewable energy use.

At Iconergy, our team is passionate about making the most of decarbonization, not only for the benefit of our clients but for our planet. So, if you’re looking to make carbon-free, low-cost energy a cornerstone of your business, continue reading! We’ll tell you everything you need to know about decarbonization as a service.

What is Decarbonization?

Decarbonization (as a service) is the process of transitioning a building from fossil fuels dependence to low or zero-carbon energy sources such as solar or geothermal energy. 

Naturally, decarbonization aims to reduce or eliminate carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions that result from the burning of fossil fuels. Keep in mind that decarbonization is an umbrella term encompassing several professional energy services and strategies.

As you’ll see in our explanation of Iconergy’s approach to decarbonization, every project is custom-built from the ground up. Still, a typical decarbonization strategy will include energy modeling, comprehensive energy system retrofits, solar energy system installations, energy storage upgrades, and more. 

Beyond your building’s internal energy systems, a decarbonization project can include the installation of electric vehicle charging stations, off-site renewable energy systems, and physical upgrades to your building’s exterior (such as repainting your facility to reduce heat absorption).The bottom line is, decarbonization is a truly comprehensive service designed to optimize every aspect of your energy use. And with the right energy services company, decarbonization offers nearly unparalleled benefits.

Our Approach to Decarbonization

At Iconergy, we take a holistic approach to decarbonization as a service. Decarbonization is meticulous by nature, so we leave no stone unturned. Our approach starts with a deep dive into your building, how/when it was designed, and all of the individual components that make up its energy systems. After review, we’ll recommend a replacement or retro-commissioning strategy for the appropriate equipment that will align with the Net Zero strategy that is specific and unique to your building.

Each decarbonization project will be entirely unique, so we won’t be outlining our project framework in too much detail. However, we can tell you that our decarbonization projects may include:

Replacing Gas-Powered Equipment with Electrically-Powered Equipment

Designing and Installing Solar Photovoltaics

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Battery Energy Storage Systems

Greenhouse Gas Inventories

Energy Management Systems

Advanced Controls
(BAS, PLC, Submetering)

ENERGY STAR Portfolio Management

Why is Decarbonization Important?

Decarbonization is crucial for promoting sustainability and securing a better future. As we mentioned earlier, commercial businesses and public organizations are at the forefront of emissions-mitigation efforts. While that means taking on new responsibilities and challenges as a business owner, it’s not all bad. Decarbonization can produce a number of exceptional benefits to your building, but we’ll give you the abridged list below.

Key Benefits of Decarbonization with Iconergy

Our team will walk you through every step of our process to ensure absolute transparency throughout the project while you enjoy the benefits!
Climate Change Mitigation

Decarbonization is essential for mitigating the impacts of climate change. By reducing greenhouse gas emissions, we can slow down the pace of climate change and reduce the severity of its impacts.

Ultra Low Energy Cost

As you’re probably aware, fossil fuel prices tend to be volatile, and they’ve been broadly increasing in recent years. Decarbonization allows you to eliminate your dependence on fossil fuels and with some help from renewables, pay unprecedented lows for energy use.

Standout Sustainability

Surveys have shown that customers are more likely to shop at sustainable businesses. Even if consumer attraction isn’t your primary concern, there’s no denying decarbonization makes your business stand out in the crowd.

Property Value Benefits

The possibility of ultra-low-cost energy use is an attractive concept for property investors and tenants alike; decarbonization tends to increase property values and provide standout features for potential buyers.

Health & Comfort Benefits

Decarbonization can significantly improve indoor air quality and overall comfort for building occupants.


Pioneer a Sustainable Future with Decarbonization Services from Iconergy

You can take a number of steps to make your workspace cleaner, greener, and more sustainable, but few hold a candle to the cost-savings, occupant comfort, and overall efficiency benefits provided by a decarbonization project. 

At Iconergy, we recognize that decarbonization is still on the back burner for many business owners—that’s why we’re working to make it accessible and cost-effective. Our team brings a breadth of experience from virtually all energy-related disciplines. We work hard to stay on top of the modern knowledge and technology that will make decarbonization the norm in the near future. 

As Colorado’s only locally owned and operated professional energy services company, we pride ourselves on keeping our state beautiful, and we’d be happy to help you reach an unrivaled standard of sustainability with decarbonization. 

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