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That’s our mantra. Colorado-owned and operating nationwide, we’re passionate about optimizing the energy systems of today for a more efficient tomorrow. Request a consultation to see what your energy savings can look like with performance contracting from Iconergy.
The Leader in Comprehensive Energy Performance Contracting

Building the Future of Sustainable Business

Keeping up with a cleaner, greener standard of commerce means finding innovative solutions to complex problems—and that’s what we’re here for. Composed of experienced energy consultants, engineers, and construction professionals, our team is focused on bridging the gap between practicality and efficiency. 

At Iconergy, we understand that developing the right technical strategy is only one aspect of a project. Our unwavering commitment to effective management and communication is equally crucial. By prioritizing these elements, we ensure that our work is consistently delivered on time and within budget.


What is Energy Performance Contracting?

Performance without costly payments.
EPC takes an innovative, budget-neutral approach to energy efficiency and sustainability.

Today’s energy standards are pushing public and private sector companies toward a greener, more sustainable model of energy use. Still, investing in energy upgrades is easier said than done. Prioritizing core operations means companies are often forced to leave modernization on the back burner.

That’s what makes energy performance contracting (EPC) an invaluable resource. EPC contracts provide an opportunity to install new infrastructure, improve efficiency, and cut energy bills without any upfront investment. In other words, they’re budget neutral.

EPC contracts pay for themselves via the guaranteed savings they’ll provide within a predetermined amount of time. If they don’t, we’ll pay the difference. From simple retrofits to full design-build projects, we specialize in energy performance contracting because it makes sustainability more accessible. Beyond energy savings alone, EPC contracts provide a low-risk route to safer, more comfortable environments. 

Low-Risk, Great Reward

If energy savings don’t materialize after energy system upgrades are performed, we pay the difference.

Essential Systems Upgrade

Comprehensive improvements to HVAC, water, and electrical systems for greener, more comfortable facilities.

Custom Energy Optimization

Most facilities are one of one—we design, install, and upgrade energy systems based on a plan made specifically for your facilities.

Visual Guide to Our Services


The “consult” phase is about defining your facilities, your needs, and your objectives for our project. We’ll focus primarily on consulting and energy audits & modeling to create a robust action plan.

Energy Consulting
Energy consulting is the foundation for everything we do. From day one, consulting is key for distilling energy information into an actionable plan. We’ll identify and prioritize energy savings opportunities, calculate ROI, and develop a cohesive framework for your project at scale.
Energy Audits & Modeling
provide us with the precise data we need to build a big-picture plan for your facilities. Typically, we’ll perform investment-grade audits to address long-term infrastructure needs and quantify energy savings opportunities.


The “construct” phase involves finalizing our build plan, assembling our experts, and installing the hardware your building(s) needs to be greener and more efficient. We may implement commissioning, design-build retrofitting, or EPC during this phase.

Design-Build & EPC

Design-build retrofitting involves the commissioning and installation of systems to provide lower-cost energy use with or without EPC contracts. Our team specializes in energy performance contracting (EPC), we know how and when to replace energy systems, and how to make financing those major projects feasible for our clients.


Retro-commissioning accounts for changes in a building’s energy systems over time. Particularly useful for buildings with older energy infrastructure, retro-commissioning allows us to identify all of the “moving parts” within your energy system, determine where energy is being lost, and replace those components as necessary.


The “sustain” phase is about monitoring your facilities to ensure they perform at peak efficiency for years to come. Our sustain phase may include monitoring-based commissioning and GHG accounting to make certain everything is running smoothly.
Monitoring-based commissioning (MBCx) is key for evaluating, analyzing, and upgrading energy performance. Both during our consult phase and our sustain phases, MBCx allows us to effectively audit energy systems over time and facilitate upgrades when necessary.
GHG Accounting
 Greenhouse gas accounting provides an in-depth look at your facility’s carbon footprint. Advanced visual modeling of past, present, and (projected) future greenhouse gas emissions allows our team to improve efficiency and energy savings over time.
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Visualize a More Efficient Workspace with Iconergy

Whether we’re improving efficiency for a hospital, school, office building, or another commercial facility, one thing is true—full-service projects mean higher savings. Explore an example of one of our comprehensive projects below.

In-depth assessment and analysis of your facilities to provide comprehensive solutions for energy savings.

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Maintenance of existing energy systems to meet current energy standards and improve efficiency.

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Monitoring-Based Commissioning

Pre and post-project monitoring and commissioning to ensure the ongoing energy performance of new or existing energy systems.

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Energy Audits & Modeling

Comprehensive monitoring and modeling of existing energy systems to analyze how they can be optimized.

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Solar &

Harness the power of the sun as a clean, reliable, and affordable energy source.

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Advanced visual modeling of past and present greenhouse gas emissions to determine a building’s carbon footprint.

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Story of Success

Why Choose Iconergy

There are no “cookie-cutter” projects in the eyes of our staff; of 100 projects we’ve worked on across Colorado, no two have been exactly alike.

Our team brings the knowledge and experience necessary to create a strategy that works for the unique needs of our clients. We utilize the latest, greatest energy technology to make your facilities more energy efficient and cost-effective.

But it’s not all about physical infrastructure. Providing education and insight for a more efficient tomorrow is just as important. We encourage our team to stay up to date on industry standards and education, and we strive to remain a resource to our clients long after the project is completed.

Our end goal is straightforward—to power the future of cleaner, lower-cost energy for our communities, one building at a time.

Hear From Our Clients

"The Iconergy team helped the District develop a district-wide Facility Master Plan and realistic road map, combining imminent needs, District and community wants, and a fiscally responsible plan to stretch tax dollars as far as possible."

John Weigel Superintendent, Arriba-Flagler Consolidated School District 20

"The staff at Iconergy is knowledgeable, courteous, and timely. They truly care about every client, as demonstrated by their consistent willingness to go above and beyond."

Cameron Martin CCMRD (Clear Creek Metropolitan Recreation District)

Iconergy Case Studies

Iconergy is composed of experienced energy engineering and design-build experts who have come together through their shared commitment to one principle: How customers are served is just as important as correctly calculating BTU’s and delivering projects on time and on budget.


Denver Health Hospital Authority

Iconergy was selected to partner with Denver Health and Hospital Authority (DHHA) to conduct an Investment Grade Audit which led to multiple phases of EPC projects including controls optimization and monitoring, comprehensive lighting upgrades, HVAC, electrical and other health, and safety upgrades. Iconergy also reviewed and integrated DHHA’s master plan into how the comprehensive retrofit and optimization EPC would be implemented. Phase I of this project includes portfolio-wide retro-commissioning, advanced metering, and lighting retrofits on a 2.7 M square feet urban main campus as well as DHHA’s satellite facilities throughout Denver. A total of 28 commercial buildings are involved. Phase II is now underway and includes significant additional HVAC, controls, electrical, and plumbing solutions. A Phase III is under development which will continue RCx, MBCx, and renewable energy solutions.


Deer Trail 26J School District, Deer Trail PK-12 School

Iconergy provided energy modeling, sustainability facilitation, and commissioning to meet the requirements for the CHPS rating system for the newly constructed 75,000 square foot PK-12 school. Our engineering team performed integrated project delivery, early and ongoing participation in the development of the owner and project requirements and energy analysis to provide advice for the design team to select durable, low-maintenance energy efficient and resource efficient equipment and strategies for the ultimate design concept.

Services: Commissioning

Certification: CHPS


City of Fort Collins, Utilities Administration Building

LEED Platinum
Commissioning services were performed for this 37,000 square foot, publicly funded facility, which was the first LEED v4 Platinum certified building in Colorado, and fourth in the entire world. Unique features included incorporation of an automated battery storage unit (aka microgrid) to reduce the building’s peak electric demand.

Certification: LEED v4 Platinum


Colorado State University, Biology Building


Fundamental and Enhanced Commissioning services were performed for this 134,480 square foot, newly constructed teaching and research laboratory facility.

Services: Commissioning

Certification: LEED BD+C: New Construction v3 LEED 2009 Gold Certified


Clear Creek Metropolitan Recreation District, Clear Creek Recreation Center

Iconergy has partnered with the Clear Creek Metropolitan Recreation District to optimize the performance of the recently renovated Clear Creek Recreation Center via a Performance Contract that includes BAS optimization, pool modifications, and a 90kW solar PV installation amongst other measures identified and installed. The recreation center will stay optimized via Iconergy’s use of SkySpark and monitoring-based commissioning.
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