Denver Health Hospital Authority

Iconergy was selected to partner with Denver Health and Hospital Authority (DHHA) to conduct an Investment Grade Audit which led to multiple phases of EPC projects including controls optimization and monitoring, comprehensive lighting upgrades, HVAC, electrical and other health, and safety upgrades. Iconergy also reviewed and integrated DHHA’s master plan into how the comprehensive retrofit and optimization EPC would be implemented.

Phase I of this project includes portfolio-wide retro-commissioning, advanced metering, and lighting retrofits on a 2.7 M square feet urban main campus as well as DHHA’s satellite facilities throughout Denver. A total of 28 commercial buildings are involved.

Phase II is now underway and includes significant additional HVAC, controls, electrical, and plumbing solutions.

A Phase III is under development which will continue RCx, MBCx, and renewable energy solutions.

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