In the dynamic world of energy engineering, staying informed about the latest tools and methodologies is crucial. To shed light on Energy Modeling, we are excited to present a discussion featuring two of our esteemed team members: Natan Simhai, our Energy Engineer and Project Manager, and Josh Decker, an Associate Engineer at Iconergy.

What is the Energy Model?

In the video, Natan and Josh dive into the intricacies of the Energy Modeling. They will be answering key questions about what the Energy Model is and why it is such a vital component in today’s energy landscape.

More About Energy Model

Understanding why the Energy Model is beneficial can be transformative for anyone involved in building design, construction, or management.

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Join the Conversation

We encourage you to watch the video and gain insights directly from Natan Simhai and Josh Decker. Their expertise and experience will provide you with a thorough understanding of how this tool can revolutionize energy management in your projects.

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