A $300M Energy-Efficiency Transformation

The historic Wyoming State Capital Building underwent commissioning to ensure energy-efficiency.

The Wyoming State Capital Complex, located in Cheyenne, WY, underwent a transformation with the help of Iconergy’s exceptional professional commissioning services. This ambitious project involved retrofitting and renovating a total of 260,000 square feet across various state buildings, including the iconic Capital Building, the Herschler Building, and the Central Utility Plant. Our comprehensive commissioning scope covered mechanical, electrical, fire protection, and building envelope aspects, with the assistance of our subcontractor, PIE Envelope Consultants and Incandescence Life Safety.

The Scope of the Project

Our team was entrusted with the commissioning services for several crucial elements within the Capital Complex. The centerpiece of the project was the 60,000 square foot expansion of the historic Capital Building, a task that required meticulous planning and execution to preserve its architectural integrity. Additionally, the neighboring 229,000 square foot Herschler Building underwent complete renovation, saving only the structure, along with an additional 49,000 square foot expansion to accommodate the growing needs of the state. To enhance energy efficiency and sustainability within the complex, we were proud to commission the new state-of-the-art 18,000 square foot Central Utility Plant.

Leadership in Energy-Efficient Central Plant

One of the standout features of this project was the new Central Utility Plant. The project team harnessed innovative technologies to optimize energy usage, outfitting the plant with multiple water-cooled magnetic bearing chillers. A free-cooling flat plate heat exchanger was programmed to enable high-efficiency modes such as free-cooling, precooling, and mechanical cooling. We took on a leadership role, meticulously developing detailed sequences of operation for this highly efficient central plant. Throughout the functional testing and seasonal testing processes, our commissioning team ensured flawless plant operation under various load and outdoor conditions on the campus.

Innovation Meets Budget

While the Wyoming State Capital Complex retrofit and renovation came with a substantial construction budget of $256 million, our commitment to innovation and energy efficiency ensured those funds were wisely spent. At Iconergy, our expertise in commissioning services helped the project achieve its goals of sustainability, reduced operational costs, and enhanced occupant comfort.

Completion and Project Team

In 2019, with dedication and teamwork, we successfully completed commissioning the Wyoming State Capital Complex. Our team’s collective efforts were instrumental in making this colossal undertaking a resounding success. Key individuals such as Erik Jeannette, Pete Salmon, Nicole Kanizay, Tom Hickey, Ed Soderberg, and the contribution of PIE Envelope Consultants and Incandescence Life safety played an integral role in achieving our shared vision.


At Iconergy, we take immense pride in our part in the successful transformation of the Wyoming State Capital Complex. Through effective commissioning services and the integration of sustainable technologies, we assisted in revitalizing this historic and iconic facility. Today, the Capital Complex stands as a shining example of Iconergy’s commitment to implementing modern, efficient, and sustainable solutions. We are honored to have played an important role in providing Wyoming’s citizens and visitors with state buildings that will operate as efficiently as possible for years to come.

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